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Kids Zone

Kindergarten Year A Quarter 2 | Gracelink

GraceLink Kindergarten lesson study (3-4 yrs old)
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Primary Year A Quarter 2 | Gracelink

GraceLink Primary lesson study (5-9 yrs old)

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Online Sabbath School | A Place to Do Something

Welcome to Sabbath School! This video corresponds with My Bible First Primary and Kindergarten Lesson 15 Year B, Quarter 2 - Hezekiah, the Praying King.

Mission Trek

MissionTREK follows two high-school girls’ journey as they travel to learn about missionaries, life, and the needs of unreached people in two of Southeast Asia's least-reached countries.


Kids Club for Jesus

Produces religious programming and materials for children to introduce children to God’s love.


My Place with Jesus

My Place with Jesus is an It is Written ministry. My Place With Jesus began in 2008 as a series of internet-based, interactive Bible studies for children between the ages of 7 and 12. With assistance from an adult, younger children will also enjoy My Place With Jesus.


Discovery Mountain

Discovery Mountain is a dramatized audio program where listeners experience adventure, mystery, camp fire songs and, most importantly, get to know Jesus.